Milosz Nowaczyk
Licensed Massage Therapist in New York

Therapeutic Massage for man and woman
In call  House call Massage in NYC, Astoria, LIC and more

excelent reccomentadions

300 + Clients and counting...

Testimonial from
Franco in Queens

"Milosz is magic, no matter what what my problem, may it be lower back or knee pain this man is amazing. I have tried others in the past and Milosz is become my steady I usually have a massage from him every two weeks. He puts 110% of him self into his work. I would rather have a massage from Milosz then see a chiropractor, imagine what he could do for you just with simple stress or tightness or simple muscle aches. I would treat myself to a massage for know reason just because he is that good...."

Testimonial from
Gary in Queens

"I almost don't want to give a review because I am afraid Milosz will become too popular and I will never be able to see him again! I was very comfortable with Milo and his surroundings. His ambient music was perfect. The creams he used felt really good on my skin and I chose not to take a shower afterward.... well I liked the thought of Milo's hands on me so much that was another reason I didn't want to take a shower! I basically went for a therapeutic massage and that's what I got... a very good one at that. Milo used techniques I hadn't experienced before....."

Testimonial from
Claude in Queens

"I just had to write and tell you again how enjoyable that was. After dinner, I will just slide into bed as I think I will sleep for 10 hours. When you commented about a massage for yourself, I almost offered but hen thought "Milosz's massage was like a meal at a fine restaurant - why would he want a hamburger from me'. I'm not sure what my schedule is like next week - but I definitely want to see you again - so don't leave the"

Testimonial from
I.F. in Manhattan

"Milosz was polite, professional and accommodating by phone when booking our appointment. It wasn't until I arrived at his place that I realized how friendly and personable he truly is. He welcomed me with the smile and warmth of a great host. We then proceed to a great massage on his table. He started massaging my back, kneading out countless knots with strong, soft hands and the perfect amount of pressure...."

Testimonial from
Troy in New Jersey

"Milosz was very kind and welcoming. I called to tell him I was stuck in traffic and he said he would wait for me. I arrived at his place an hour late. He gave me a wonderful massage and asked if I wanted to use the shower, which I did. I hope to see him again."

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