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Regular Massage-legitmassage

Regular massage – yes, but how often?

There is no question that massage is very beneficial for physical and mental well-being. Also, without a shadow of a doubt, a regular and controlled therapy is much better than just a random one-off treatment. But the question how often one should receive a massage to get the most out of it inevitably comes up. So what’s the right duration and frequency to maintain the balance of your body and mind?
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The Mighty Psoas

Have you ever been to see your doctor, chiropractor, or massage therapist for lingering low back pain and left the session feeling the same discomfort? If you did, chances are that the medical professional simply ignored what could be one of the key contributors to low back pain and concentrated on only the area of pain itself. Though concentrated bodywork on the sore spot feels good at the time, in the long run, both of you end up spinning your wheels as you continue to search for successful treatments.
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massage and immune system

Massage can boost your immune system

It is widely known that regular therapeutic massage sessions provide significant and long-term benefits to your body and soul. Massage relieves physical and mental stress by decreasing muscle tension and reducing anxiety and even depression. It also increases body awareness and improves posture, therefore nurturing a general sense of well being. But it turns out that a good massage goes far beyond battling aches and pains or giving immediate relaxation we enjoy. Scientists have found out that it can also cause many positive effects on our immune system.
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listen to your body

What our bodies would like to tell us if we would listen

While challenges and excitement in life keeps us engaged while promoting learning and positive motivation, there are definitely times when we find ourselves operating in toxic circumstances that do not serve us well. With our strong-willed mentality set to tough things out, sometimes it can be difficult to decipher the healthiness of a situation. If we pay attention to our bodily cues, we will notice that there are plenty of physical indicators available to help us know when we are on the right path or when we need to make a shift in order to be healthy and perform at our best level.
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insomnia and massage

Make massage your close ally in the fight with insomnia

Insomnia is the most common sleeping disorder that affects many people and compromises the quality of their lives. It is the inability to get good quality sleep. It is not a disease as such but is a symptom of some underlying problems, whether physical (pain), emotional ones like anxiety, stress or even mental e.g. depression. The list of other possible other causes of sleeplessness is vast and includes such as: drinking too much alcohol, caffeine, overeating before going to bed, drugs, irregular work ...
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